Summer is here and if you’re a home designer at heart, you’re probably yearning to add a splash of those beautiful summer colours to your home. There’s a variety of ways you can bring the best of summer into your home, here are a few DIY home decor ideas to bring out the inner artist in you and to make the most of that time spent at home.

Bring colour to those walls

One of the most obvious ways of adding colour to your home is paint. The good news, though, is that repainting is not the only way to add colour to your luxury villa walls. The key to dressing up your walls without paint is to be creative and to think BIG.

You can find yourself a few large-scale art pieces that suit your style and feature punchy colours. If your kids are feeling uber artistic, you can have them paint a mural with summery colours on a large piece of canvas and tack it over an entire wall. And if you aren’t feeling particularly artistic, there’s always removable wallpaper in bright shades and eye-catching designs or summer modified curtains you can put up for a summer vibe.

The great part is you can put these away until the next time you’re feeling particularly productive.

Add summer tones to your furniture

Another DIY home decor idea is to layer up! The best part of adding colour in layers is that you can keep the base neutral and add hues to suit the mood. Since it’s summer, forget bland and punch it up. Think vibrant coral, emerald, and sunny yellow throws and pillows to drape and dress your couch.

You could even just throw a few vintage curios on your sideboards, pretty ceramic bowls in pastel shades to your coffee table, or even bright stationery to your office tables.

Bring in the flowers – the simplest DIY home decor idea

There’s no DIY home decor idea as simple and as cheery as a bunch of fresh flowers. Simply treat yourself at the local florist, arrange those beautiful blooms and let the vase of flowers bring refreshing colour and scent into your home.

And if you can’t always make it to the florist, there’s always good-old potpourri that’s both easy-to-store and as cheerful as flowers.

Refresh your bedding

The main focus of your bedroom being your bed, adding the best of summer to your bedroom is as simple as draping it with charming sheets that will change up the mood instantly. You could make a bold colour statement with a set of vibrant sheets or use a double-sided duvet to add two colours at a time.

Play around with colours in your bathroom

The bathroom can actually be a great space to have fun with colours. One of the easiest DIY home decor idea is to use a shower curtain in colour-block design to give your bathroom a much-needed hit of summer. All you have to do after is add elements to your bathroom that match the scheme – think colourful towels and rugs or vases with flowers. The possibilities are endless.

So are you ready to bring the best of summer to your luxury vacation home in Goa? If you loved these ideas or have other ideas you would like to share with other readers, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.