Real estate in Goa today, is one of the largest booming sectors. Ranking high among the various major sectors of the economy, there is no question that investing in real estate in the state is a smart idea. However, let us say you don’t have the capital to buy a luxury villa in Goa, would you still consider investing? Or would you just let go of the idea of investment simply out of the fear of taking a great risk?

While borrowing money is often not the most endorsed ideas among peers and adults, when it comes to a business stand-point, taking a loan to invest in real estate is probably the only time it would be advisable to do so.

Usually phrased as invest in a loan – it’s a term used when the return on investment (ROI) of the loan is high and the risk level of the investment is low.

Why invest in luxury real estate?

Before you make any investment, it’s important to remember that it would not make sense to take out a loan and place the money in an investment that will mature after the loan is due.

One way to ensure that the ROI is going to be greater than the cost of the loan itself is choosing to invest in exclusive properties from renowned luxury real estate developers.

So if you’re planning to invest, making a smart choice like choosing to buy a luxury villa in Goa is a great way to go because the ROI is usually greater than the cost of the loan itself.

What to keep in mind when investing in real estate?

1. First of all, investing in residential real estate is that it is comparatively cheaper and more feasible than the commercial sector for individuals, especially from an investment point of view.

2. Real estate isn’t just bricks and cement. And with luxury property, the value of your luxury villa or luxury apartment that you’re investing in is determined by its location, the amenities included, as well as the exclusivity of the property itself.

3. The best part of investing in real estate is that it can also offer you added revenue and capital appreciation in the long run. If you take a loan to invest in an exclusive property now that will be in high demand and have a higher resale value in a few years, you’re looking at a great investment.

So are you ready to consider making your first luxury real estate investment? If you’re looking for luxury villas for sale in Goa or other luxury properties from renowned real estate developers in Goa, then Ashray is your way to go. Take a look at some of our real estate projects coming up.