If you’re an average salaried employee and are looking for ways to work on your savings, you’re probably considering investing but aren’t sure where to start. Perhaps two of the most talked-about ways of investing are mutual funds and real estate. When it comes to investments though, the choice between these two options is not always an intuitive one. So, we’ve decided to summarise some of the deciding factors that could help you pick one that suits you best.

Why invest in mutual funds?

The outlook on mutual funds differs from person to person. When an investor invests money in a mutual fund, the fund itself invests the money on behalf of them in various asset classes, such as liquid assets or debt funds. For people who are new to the investment culture, mutual funds are an ideal investment vehicle. However, it does involve a charge of a minimal fee used for managing investors’ money.

Ideal as it may sound, most people believe that an investment in mutual funds and stocks is similar to gambling. Now, if you don’t have a lot of capital to invest in something as large as real estate, mutual funds may seem like the easier way out, since you can decide the amount you wish to invest. However, before you set your heart on mutual funds, let’s look at why investing in real estate, today, is actually quite a viable option.

Why invest in real estate today?

Pre-2016, the real estate market in India was not at its best and a lot of people were hesitant to invest. However, in the last three years, the sector has seen steady and stable growth. The interesting consequence for people looking to invest in real estate today is that the earlier lack of demand has resulted in excess inventory and, therefore, lower rates at the moment.

As long as you’re smart about your choice of investment, this can prove to be an extremely lucrative option. Unlike other cities in India, where you have ready-to-move-in inventory and no buyer, in Goa, renowned luxury real estate developers like Ashray, seldom do. So, avoiding risk is just a question of making wise investment decisions.

Another win for the choice of investing in real estate is that home loan interest rates are at an all-time low, with rates lower than 8 percent. With a lucrative opportunity like this, you can consider investing in an exclusive property like high-end luxury villas in a place like Goa.

Besides loans being on your side, let’s say you want to buy this luxury villa in Goa, thanks to the RERA act issued by the government to protect the homebuyer, you can now be a little more assured of transparency and punctuality in the market, so you can expect to have your villa delivered to you on time and without hiccups.

The great thing about choosing to invest in a state like Goa is that the real estate market here has never seen a slump and has, on the contrary, always been steadily climbing, especially in the second home luxury segment. So, if you are from a metropolitan city in India or from the colder North, a luxury villa in Goa is also a great investment away from the cold, congested roads as well as the pollution, making it a great holiday, winter, and retirement home.

When investing in real estate in Goa, you just have to do a little research into your builder’s reputation as well as the frequency of on-time delivery and quality of construction. Ashray is one such company that ticks all those boxes. Not only are we a renowned company that has been around since 1995, but 90% of our inventory also sells out during the construction cycle itself.

One last important, yet overlooked, thing to consider in favour of real estate is that there’s a huge increase in rental rates at the moment. If you’re looking at real estate as a long-term investment, you are, most likely, not in the need to move in immediately or are just looking to invest in a high-in-demand place like Goa. This essentially means that you can not only pay back those loans but also generate revenue with that new luxury villa you’ve decided to buy in Goa, before you actually move in.

So, are you ready to choose between mutual funds or real estate? We’d love to hear your point of view in the comments below. If you’re convinced like us that real estate is actually a great investment option and want to now buy that villa in Goa, check out some of our luxury villas and other properties in Goa.